Pre-Configured Micro Data Center (MDC)

Industrial Network Deployment

The industrial network is the fundamental backbone for data collection and transmission to points of use. Industrial network applications range from the ability to trace quality of production lots, improve preventive maintenance schedules, manage and monitor processes, improve safety, and identify constraints to increase productivity. These applications are supported by a reliable and secure computing system to keep production flowing and business communication running smoothly where downtime is measured in minutes and in thousands of dollars from missed customer commitments.

The Panduit Pre-Configured MDC allows industrial system integrators to quickly and reliably incorporate best practices for deployment of rack mount equipment while protecting the critical physical media that makes up the industrial network and computing system. The MDC is designed to provide the link between the Corporate and the Industrial Networks to:

  • Maintain network uptime
  • Provide the ability to segregate networks
  • Manage network security
  • Speed changes and troubleshooting
  • Provide ease of installation


The Panduit Pre-Configured MDC is factory assembled to include the connectivity and cable management necessary to enable rapid installation of switch, server, and storage devices.