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PanMPO Fiber Connector

Push the Limits: Reduce Migration Time and Costs

For high performance data center operators, the race against time to quickly migrate Ethernet from 10G to 40G and beyond is critical to keep operations and data transactions moving in today’s competitive world. Seconds of downtime can cost thousands to millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Polarity management is critical in all fiber networks. Ensuring communication is seamless from transmitter to receiver.  The PanMPO™ Connector is the only MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) fiber optic connector in the market that can change polarity and gender in the field in a matter of seconds, while maintaining standards-compliance without having to replace your fiber infrastructure.

Remove Confusion and Inefficiency with Simplified Migration

  • Fast in the field deployment/installment from 10G to 40/50/100G
  • Highly agile and scalable for any network
  • Significant cost savings by only stocking one type of cable assembly versus six
  • No need to replace fiber infrastructure when migrating with PanMPO
  • Flexible solution you can use with trunks, harnesses, interconnects and reference cords

Fiber Future and Beyond

The PanMPO Fiber Connector is a unique patented MPO design that specifically addresses today’s needs for fast and efficient Ethernet migration to help maximize return on investment and minimize downtime. Protect your investments today and secure your position as a next-generation data center prepared to face future demands.

Guarantee a true high-performance fiber network by rounding out your design with the HD Flex™ Fiber Cabling System and the Signature Core™ Fiber Optic Cabling Systems