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Safety & Security Mitigation


Although safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility, it’s particularly important that facility managers, electricians, and control panel engineers implement measures to ensure a safe environment for employees. These actions not only prevent harm and danger, but impact the bottom line, both directly and indirectly. Panduit has developed a wide range of solutions designed to protect workers against mechanical, electrical, and hazardous situations, as well as products that provide multiple layers of security that work together to protect equipment.

Prevention Through Design

VeriSafe 2.0

This next-generation VeriSafe absence of voltage tester (AVT) has an enhanced set of features and is compatible with more applications. VeriSafe 2.0 uses new technology and is compatible with applications up to 1,000VAC/DC. 

VeriSafe 1.0

Digital multimeter and other time-consuming portable testing devices are no longer needed when you use the VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Tester. VeriSafe performs an absence of voltage test before opening the panel, helping prevent possible exposure to electrical hazards, improving safety, and reducing risk. 

VeriSafe Accessories

From Absence of Voltage Tester Piercing Connector Kits to a wide variety of cables and more, Panduit has just the accessories to customize VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Testers to just about any environment.

Data Access Ports

The Data Access Port provides data port and electrical outlet access to equipment without the safety hazards of opening the panel. The access port provides availability to log in to the network at the work site and can be used for reprogramming internal controllers. 

Grounding & Bonding

Flat Braided Bonding Straps

StructuredGround™ Flat Braided Bonding Straps are used to electrically bond enclosure doors, subpanels, motors, and machines in most applications to improve safety and protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Universal Ground Bar System

The Universal Ground Bar securely terminates the main equipment grounding conductor with a compression or mechanical connector in any control panel or enclosure. 

Abrasion Protection

Cable Entry Systems

Cable Entry Systems offer a safe, organized method to transition both terminated and unterminated cables through enclosures and electrical equipment, providing strain relief while maintaining IP/NEMA ingress sealing ratings.

Grommet Edging

Grommet edging protects and prevents wires and cables from chafing against sharp edges of panel walls and knockouts. Pressure sensitive adhesive provides an easy, clean, and secure application where additional holding strength is required. 

Spiral Wrap

Spiral wrap products provide abrasion protection for wire, cable, hoses, and tubing. The spiral wrap harnesses multiple cables into a single, manageable bundle and allows for breakouts of single/multiple cables. =

Corrugated Loom Tubing

Corrugated Loom Tubing is a cost-effective solution to provide abrasion protection, light crush and impact resistance for cables. The lengthwise slit makes it easy to install a bundle of wires or a pre-assembled harness assembly. 

Pan-Wrap™ Split Harness Wrap

Our Pan-Wrap Split Harness Wrap is an abrasion protection product that incorporates an innovative design to maintain uniform bundle protection in dynamic applications. 

Network Security

Network Security Block-Out Devices

Panduit block-out devices include options for RJ45 and USB ports to prevent unauthorized network access and to protect from dust, debris, and foreign objects.

Network Security Lock-In Devices

Panduit lock-in devices secure patch cord connections to prevent unauthorized access or accidental removal.

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